ZOEY – Fashion has no size.

ZOEY is a fashion brand, designed for the sophisticated and feminine curvy woman, who is proud of herself and her body. 
At ZOEY we are motivated by our mission to give the opportunity for everybody to get just what suits their different shapes. To make every woman feel and look her best. 
We always prioritise comfort and fit with stretchable qualities and flattering cuts. We know that the differences in people are just as many as the differences in bodies and that our size or curves 
doesn’t define us. 
We believe that ‘Fashion has no size’ and that fashion should be 
available for all, no matter her shape, age, size or curves. 
The woman who defines herself as plus-size is entitled to wear whatever she desires!
ZOEY often combine feminine details such as delicate lace with bold tapes and cool silhouettes to reach an everyday look that impresses. At ZOEY we know how clothing can make your day and therefore we are not afraid to use powerful prints, soft colors and rich materials for an exclusive look. 
Whether you want dresses or pants, blouses or jackets you will find cool, feminine and fashionable styles at ZOEY 
– Fashion has no size.
With the experienced designer for curvy fashion Trine Vinther as co-owner and general manager and the long-established fashion company NÜ as financial, distribution and supply-chain backing, ZOEY is already experiencing growing success.

We hope to see you again soon.