Welcome autumn, welcome wardrobe updates!

The ZOEY Autumn 2018 collection is rooted in the calm and edgy nature that is inspired by the countryside. The rural vibe is infusing the collection resulting in both outstanding casual wear, such as quilted jackets, gorgeous knits, chic pants, and elegant eveningwear, such as shimmery and lace dresses, luxurious deep coloured blouses and flattering, tasteful blazers.

Based in Denmark, ZOEY continually draws inspiration from the Nordic design traditions ensuring classic, long lasting silhouettes, simple detailing and high quality materials.

This collection is filled with wardrobe updates that prepare you for both the roughness of the weather and the delight of parties. Whether casual or formal, relaxed or refined, feminine or cool you will find all you desire in the ZOEY Autumn 2018 collection.

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